You Can’t Go Back on a Public Vow, Right?

Certain parts of my life have been neglected lately.
Yoga, for instance. It’s been months, people. Months. That is not good. Last night I felt twitchy and tight while I tried to fall asleep, so I did Frog pose for awhile. It felt. So. Good.
Weekend conflicts have been keeping me away from my usual Saturday-morning class. Well, weekend conflicts and laziness. I know that when I go back, it’s going to kick my ass, and I will be embarassingly out of practice. But…unless I throw my mat in the middle of the kitchen floor, there’s no good space in my new apartment to practice. And the local classes are beyond my current budget ($18/class adds up!). And…excuses, excuses….
So I’m going to yoga Saturday morning. I know it’ll be rough, but it’ll be worth it for that awesome, in-tune, blissed-out feeling at the end. I just signed up for a week-long yoga boot camp, with 75-minute classes every night, Oct. 13-17. I have to start practicing again now or that may kill me. 

I’m so excited! A little trepidatious, but mostly excited. I know I can get back into the groove. Wheel, Crow, Resting Pigeon…here I come, old friends!

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