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In case you need another reason to love YA authors, go read some of their very smart, articulate arguments in favor of Obama. So far, there are essays by
John Green (on the intersection of faith & science), Lauren McLaughlin (on the extremism of the pro-life position), and Judy freaking Blume (on why she has chosen this election to speak out politically).

I was inspired–in fact, inspired enough that I may tackle the subject with my family. My mom doesn’t vote and has no interest in politics whatsoever. My stepdad and dad are Republicans. My eighty-year-old grandma, last time we talked about the election, was undecided. She is made of awesome, and I am curious to see what her current thoughts are.

I’ve been an Obama supporter since I heard him speak two summers ago. My friend Laura volunteers for his campaign. He was eloquent and passionate, a great orator who built an immediate rapport with the crowd. I respect that he wants to increase diplomatic efforts, end the war, and make health-care more accessible. I respect that he is clearly smart and well-spoken, yet he listens instead of charging around like a bull in a china shop. I respect that he doesn’t trample others’ rights in the name of his faith.

The McCain camp seemed to hope that the nomination of Sarah Palin would energize women. It energizes me, but not in the way they intended. My passionate belief in the Obama candidacy increased tenfold as soon as Sarah Palin came into play. She freaks me the hell out. And I don’t mean that in the same way that, say, nonflowering plants freak me out. She seriously scares me. Anyone who has ever, even in passing, even as a test of loyalty, thought about banning books? That is not someone I want near the presidency. Anyone who has, at minimum, wilfully overlooked charging rape victims for their rape kits? That is not someone I want near the presidency. She’s completely anti-abortion and in favor of abstinence-only education. That is not…well, you get the idea. She may be a woman, but she does not represent me. She doesn’t represent the women of America that I know and love. Not unless we let her…

I also read about this incident  today, in which McCain basically said he was "stumped" about whether contraceptives prevented the spread of HIV. What. The. Hell? How did I miss that? Sixth graders know that! Or they should.

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