Question Friday: Literary Heroes

Yay for Friday! Yay for a morning walk that included sharp skittering winds and sweet orange leaves and pumpkin-lined city streets. Yay for the smell of chai tea minus the latte. Yay for the Post endorsing Obama!


And now on to the important business of the day:


Romeo OR Hamlet?


Heathcliff OR Mr. Rochester? (Notice I’m not including Darcy; I’m pretty sure he’d be the hands-down favorite.)


Rhett Butler OR Ashley Wilkes?


Superman OR Batman?


Dan OR Nate OR Chuck? (They are based on books…)


Bonus dork question: F. Scott Fitzgerald OR Ernest Hemingway?

What do you think? And who are some of your other fave literary heroes? Some that have stayed with me include Gilbert from Anne of Green Gables, Seth from Wicked Lovely, and the Weasley twins *sob* from Harry Potter. 

Next week: literary heroines!

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