Typically, my Saturdays are ambitionless. My "schedule" is something like this: sleep in until noonish, peruse interwebs, late lunch, Harris Teeter, read or write a bit, dinner, glam up for show or game night or party. When we have no social plans, we default to episodes of NCIS (or, if I’m in a particularly giving mood, Law & Order) while playing Canasta, or listening to the Old 97s and playing Rummikub. Y’know, like little old people, basically.

Today was not a typical Saturday.

Steve is in tech all weekend. Rehearsals from 1-11 both today and tomorrow. I didn’t want to sit around lest I dwell on sadness, so I made plans. First I got up and went to yoga. I have been comfort-eating like a madwoman for almost two weeks and yoga kicked my ass. Then I met up with Liz for Thai food (best lemongrass chicken ever!) and a movie. I highly recommend Rachel Getting Married. Anne Hathaway was seriously amazing as a recovering addict seeking to make amends with her family. It’s a dark, intense little film and absolutely worth seeing. Side note: I would love to go to an awesome multiculti wedding with Indian dancers and as much fabulous music and toasting as Rachel’s. Wow!

Next stop: errands. I hit up Ann Taylor Loft for a new pair of jeans (see above re: comfort eating, yikes) and a ruffly pink shirt for possible cast-party shenanigans. I wandered through Staples like the paper-product junkie I am. I exercised so much restraint, y’all. I only bought a little journal for me and one for Steve and some cardstock. I didn’t even buy any pens! And do you know how many pens Staples has?!? 

Then I went to Barnes & Noble and chilled for awhile with a gingersnap latte and my first cranberry bliss bar of the season. (It was, indeed, full of bliss. I love those to bitsy bits.) I was reading

‘s Secret Society Girl and got to a really yummy makeout scene and decided I needed to go ahead and buy the next two books in the series. And a peanut-butter Twix bar. Did you know they make peanut-butter Twix? Nobody told me.

All of this and I was home by shortly after 6. Which still left me with lots of time to cuddle with the cat, drink tea, catch up on my As the World Turns, and get frustrated with the book of sudoku my mom gave me. I might get used to rambling, ambitious Saturdays. Although, on second thought, my VISA might not!

How’s your weekend going?

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