Teaser Tuesday

I’ve never posted a teaser before, but this is what I’m working on right now (from chapter 13), and it’s occupying most of my brain space, so…here.

<squeaks, trying to be brave>

I close my eyes, anticipating. 

And then the screen door bangs.

I spring away, eyes open, trying to look as though I absolutely haven’t been kissing anyone ever. I look through the double-paned window behind us, expecting to see Dad shuffling around uncomfortably. I hope I’m not going to get grounded again. 

But it’s not my dad.

It’s Quinn.

Quinn: his handsome face thunderous, his eyebrows slanting grimly above eyes that look as cold as shards of Atlantic sea glass. His eyes slam into mine and I almost gasp with the sheer unadulterated horror of the moment. He turns on his heel—-I never knew what the expression meant before, exactly, but with his abrupt about-face I understand it viscerally—and the door slams again.

One hand flies frantically to my mouth. My mouth, that was just about to kiss someone else.

I feel like I’m going to throw up.

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