If you’re a writer or other creative type:


Where are you when you get your ideas?


I’ve noticed that most of my big flashes of inspiration come when I’m walking to/fro the metro with my iPod blasting, or when I’m in the shower. I dunno why.

I’ve been wondering how to use a character (Claire) in the second half of the book. She’s featured in the first half, but several of my readers noticed that she disappeared halfway through and wondered if she could be cut. My instinctive reaction was: No! I love Claire! And, less sentimentally, she’s integral to book 2. But they had a point, one I’ve been kinda clueless about how to fix. But this morning I was thinking about the chapter I’m working on, and flash! I figured out where Claire is and how she can help move the story along. Yay!

I love these moments.

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