Question Friday: Winter Edition

Snow: yay OR nay?

Mittens OR gloves?

Hot chocolate: with mini-marshmallows, peppermint, OR salted caramel?

Sleds: the old-school kind with runners OR plastic?

Snow angels OR snowmen?

Bonus: Icicles: enjoy their pristine beauty OR knock them down?

When we have a good snow like this, I feel a little homesick. Some of my favorite family memories are of sledding up at my grandparents’ house. My uncles built a bonfire at the top of the long driveway and filled coffee cans with rags and kerosene to serve as torches. They took turns standing at the bottom, watching for unlikely backroads traffic. We’d shoot down the driveway, screeching and giggling, until we sparked across the macadam and into the field across the road. The dogs would chase us, barking. Sometimes we’d build trains, grasping hands to feet, but they’d usually snake apart halfway down, and we’d abandon the sleds as they veered toward trees. Part of the fun was seeing my dad and his brothers act like excited little kids too. So much fun.

I kind of can’t wait to have kids and relive that. 


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