It’s been a beautiful weekend.

It started with a trip to the mall on Friday night, where I bought my gorgeous bridesmaid’s dress. It’s a pretty, springy yellow, strapless and totally versatile. I will absolutely wear it again. I’m so grateful to Jill for choosing something I love! Afterwards Steve and I hung out at Barnes & Noble and I had tea and browsed the YA section while he read a few graphic novels. It was a perfectly adorkable Friday night date. He even bought me a few books as an early V-Day present (Fade by Lisa McMann, Pride by Rachel Vincent, Need by Carrie Jones, and Catalyst by Laurie Halse Anderson).

Saturday we saw an amazing matinee, Sarah Ruhl’s Eurydice at Roundhouse. I’ve loved everything I’ve read by this playwright, and I was particularly excited to see this because I adore the Orpheus and Eurydice myth. (It’s my second-favorite Metamorphoses myth, after Baucis and Philemon.) Ruhl makes it strange and haunting, playing with themes of memory and death and the relationships between father and daughter versus husband and wife. I found it very moving. The music was amazing. In fact, all of the tech was great–I’ll be surprised if the sound and set design aren’t nominated for Helen Hayes awards next year. It was deeply theatrical, but in a purposeful, creative way and not just for the hell of it (*ahem* show I saw Monday night and loathed). I thought it went on just a tad too long and mischaracterized the chorus characters, but overall? Love. Recommend highly. I’ve got the script around here somewhere and need to read it now.

Last night I went out with my best girlfriends for $5 martini happy hour. There were yummy (and very strong) Cosmos and strawberry martinis and then an adventure at a nearby bar. Our conversation devolved from A’s grad school interview to, um, counting the boys we’ve kissed. My kissing-random-boys days are obviously over, but it’s fun to reminisce about college. I could tell I was a little tipsy, because when I was telling my best freshman-year story, I did a lot of melodramatic hand gestures. But I didn’t feel bad ’cause so did Rosaline.

And today! Today was made of gorgeous. Sunny and 65 degrees. February’s such a tease. Steve and I walked down to Eastern Market and tried a new restaurant that had amazing food and terrible service. I’ve never seen wait staff so clearly fusterclucked. We went from being pissed about it to being kind of amused. It took me 20 minutes to get my iced tea, and then another 10 to flag down some sugar. My side salad was completely dry, no dressing. They ran out of glasses and started serving in plastic cups. The waitress lost us at one point and I had to wave at her to remind her where she was going. But the roasted-asparagus and goat cheese omelet was delish, and so was the four-berry jam. Afterwards I sat outside at the coffee shop and read for two hours in the sun. It was a perfect day for people-watching. Lots of puppies and babies and happy, chatty people glad to be outside. I bought some of my favorite dinner treat, freshly-made butternut squash and goat cheese ravioli. (Really, one cannot have too much goat cheese.) I caught up with both my mom and my BFF Jake on the phone.

And I got three critiques of my latest draft of book1! My friends are super-smart. They’ve corrected my typos, let me know where transitions are awkward or M’s voice slips. They’ve caught little inconsistencies. They’ve asked tough questions about world-building and character. I can’t wait to get the rest of my crits in and get back to work!

AND it’s exactly one month until the time changes now! Hooray!

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