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First up, fellow DC theatre enthusiasts, check out the noms for the 2009 Helen Hayes Awards here! Steve and I have been refreshing that page all day, waiting for the announcement. Helen Hayes is like the DC equivalent of the Oscars. Two years ago I volunteered, and last year I went with Steve and a bunch of his grad school friends on free student tix. I’m hoping he’ll score some again this year. It’s really fun. Especially the reception afterward, which is basically…drama prom with open bar.

My most favorite play from last year, Woolly Mammoth’s The K of D, is nowhere to be found. Since Kimberly Gilbert was 100% undeniably amazing in it (a one-woman show), we’re wondering if it wasn’t qualified in some way (it was in their small performance space). Otherwise she’d be my outstanding actress bet for sure. I’m also a little sad that Shakespeare Theatre’s production of Argonautika didn’t rack up more noms; I loved that. Otherwise…I’m rooting for Synetic’s sexy Romeo and Juliet. I wouldn’t be surprised if Folger’s magical Macbeth (directed in part by Teller) wins something ’cause I heard it was awesome. (Lo, it sold out and I missed it. That must not happen with their upcoming production of Arcadia *hint hint husband*). And, ooh, also rooting for Studio’s This Beautiful City. That was great. 

Secondly, I’ve decided to forestall writing book 2 in my Garolass trilogy. I have all the major plot points outlined, and in theory I’m very excited about it, but…Collective advice on the blue boards and elsewhere suggests that it’s wiser to start something new as I prepare to revise and eventually (this summer?) start querying book 1. I’ll come back to it, I’m sure, because I love those characters and their world. But it’s an ambitious first baby. I think some time strengthening my skills on a different project might help.

I had a dream a few weeks ago that I woke up from thinking, Hmmm. What if…? Not to get all Stephenie Meyer about it, but the idea seems to have been percolating somewhere. I started thinking about it today (like, consciously) and a whole plot and character names just sort of…sprung forth. Is that weird? It’s a stand-alone YA chick lit. I flew the premise past two of my best friends and they were super-excited. I am too! I shall heretofore refer to it as my magic cupcake Valentine’s Day love book.

Now I’m off to play with my baby-name book. Steve suggested I just go ahead and start writing, using "Boy" as a placeholder until I find the exact perfect name. He’s clearly crazycakes. I can’t start writing for reals until I have all the names! And possibly until I do some cupcake-eating research…

Oh yes. Very excited.

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