Things of Interest (To Me) (At the Moment)

Just received a memo from the University President informing us that no one will be getting a raise this year. While I’m glad to have a job, I’m disappointed about that. It will be the first year ever that I haven’t gotten at least a 3% standard-of-living increase.

But on the positive side of things:

My friend Liz, who is the font of wisdom on all DC cultural events, has alerted me to the new H Street Country Club. It opens in March and will involve two 9-hole mini-golf courses (one on the roof, one inside), a Mexican restaurant with tacos and beer, and skeeball. Could anything be more awesome ever? Steve and I have a longstanding mini-golf rivalry. I will pwn him! We will play until it is so!
Does anyone else’s heart go pitter-pat when they see pics like this of Joshua Jackson? I guess my inner 16 year old can’t get enough of Pacey Witter. He’s grown up to be a very attractive man. I wish I liked Fringe better.
In other TV news, did anyone watch Dollhouse last week? I’m a total Joss fangirl, but I missed it. I had a girl-crush on Eliza Dushku as Faith, and I liked Faith’s arc in the Buffy Season 8 comics. Which basically means I’m predisposed to giving it a chance even though I’ve heard it’s…uneven. I really regretted not watching Firefly when it was actually on TV. I loved it on DVD.
I am infatuated with the new Gmail Labs Task feature. It’s a to-do list! You can check things off and everything! I’m maybe a little too excited about this. But I love to-do lists! Like, pathologically.
I am also hugely fond of the new Lily Allen CD. I’ve been listening to it constantly. It’s got a winning combination of sly lyrics and circus-pop music. This song (not safe for work) is my favorite for running on the elliptical in the mornings.
Last but not least, Steve has been interning in the literary department at Theater J. He wrote a post for their blog yesterday about Caryl Churchill’s new short play Seven Jewish Children. Theater J is thinking of producing it, and I really hope they do. It disturbs me that criticism or questioning of Israeli politics, even in a play, is so quickly accused of being anti-Semitic. I think the conversation afterwards could be fascinating for anyone interested in Israel-Palestine issues. 

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