Question Friday: Spa Edition

So I’m leaving this afternoon for a spa weekend in lovely little St. Michaels, MD. Our room has hardwood floors and a fireplace. Our inn has an indoor pool and sauna. I’m bringing cupcakes and wine and Shadowed Summer. On the agenda: massage and facial, scribbling in coffee shops, napping, swimming, popping into cute shops, walking around by the water, eating a good crabcake, and lots of time with my best friends.

I am not taking my laptop. There will be no internets for 48 hours. Can I do it? I think I can.


February: evil OR just misunderstood?

Real wood-burning fireplace OR easy gas fireplace?

Pool OR ocean?

Cosmopolitan OR Flirtini? (vodka, pineapple juice, champagne)

The Graveyard Book OR Coraline? (Bringing both, but which should I read first?)

Bonus: Massage OR facial?

I know, this one is super-girly. Sorry, guys. Have a fab weekend, everyone!

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