I know spring doesn’t officially start for another few weeks, but it’s been so lovely outside! I had a fantastic weekend visiting my family in Pennsylvania. On Friday night I spent a few hours watching my sister S try on clothes and talk about her friends. She is so sweet and snarky; I wish I could bottle her up and put her inside a book because I’m pretty sure everyone would love her as much as I do. On Saturday I went for a long walk with my dad, my uncle, and their dogs. We walked past my grandparents’ old farm and I heard lots of stories about their boyhood shenanigans. I love those stories. 
As part of my spring life makeover (in addition to going complaint-free), I’ve resolved to try and exercise every day. I am not good at doing things halfway. And while I still have to be practically pried out of bed in the morning, I feel really good about myself once I’m there, actually working out, arms and legs pumping, Lily Allen singing in my ears. There’s this great quote from a Holly Hughes play: I want to live. In my body. In the present tense. I want that too. Not "when I lose weight." No more making self-deprecating remarks. I have been on such a rollercoaster with this whole diet/exercise thing for like a year now. It’s not cool.
Oo, and in actual newsy news: My brilliant husband won the Mark Twain Award for his play Miranda Is Morning. It’s a national award from the Kennedy Center’s American College Theatre Festival. He gets to go to the Sundance Play Festival for three weeks in July! Their lineup hasn’t been announced yet, but chances are very good that he’ll be observing some awesome playwrights and dramaturgs and directors developing brand-new work. Plays like The Laramie Project have been developed there. He also gets to participate in master classes at the KenCen for a week in April (last year some classes were taught by Lee Blessing and Edward Albee). It’s a great opportunity for him, and I’m so proud!
I missed the premiere of my guiltiest pleasure, America’s Next Top Model, last week. I just downloaded it for $2 and I’m going to catch up on Tyra’s whackadoodle shenanigans over lunch. Possibly with a nice skim latte…Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine!

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