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<3: We Heart It, which I found thanks to

, allows you to search for and save stunning visuals. As a dramaturg, I made lots of image collages for plays I worked on to help actors and directors connect to the material. I am making one for me now, for my magic cupcake V-Day love book, and it is so much fun.

<3: Taylor Swift. Her new CD Fearless is quickly becoming the soundtrack for my cupcake book, especially the songs “Fifteen” and “You Belong with Me.”

<3: My new yogalates class. Way easier than my power yoga class on the whole, but there were some killer moves, and I’m still hurting two days later.

<3: Gossip Girl is back! Not quite back to top form yet, I think, but maybe on its way? I loved Nate’s hissyfit and Blair’s downward spiral and S’s brain reaching maximum capacity and Dorota (always Dorota) and Jenny closing the curtain and Blair’s costume (always Blair’s costumes) and Isherwood’s cameo. But I don’t buy Chuck’s infatuation with the nanny. Please. He is Chuck freaking Bass; even at his most vulnerable, he wouldn’t fall for that.

<3: Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Talk about totally specific first-person voices. I adored these two crazy kids and their hipster punk New York night. This book was so hilarious and sweet and kind of hot and I sort of fell in love with Nick and Norah right along with Norah and Nick. I have to see the movie now.

<3: America’s Next Top Model. How can TV be so awful and awesome all at once? I decided I’m rooting for Allison, Fo (who thankfully seems to have rebounded from her lame makeover meltdown), and London. And Aminat.

<3: Reconnecting with old high school friends on Facebook.

<3: After a couple of slooow weekends, this one is chockfull of plans: seeing Coraline finally, yoga, lunch with Liz, dinner with Alissa, coffee with Rosaline, writing at Starbucks, etc. Yay! I love having weekend plans to look forward to. I’m happiest when I’m a busy social bee.

<3: I got two books in the mail that I won from the fab

!  I was so excited to win something. Like, so excited that when my bridesmaid’s dress came I was initially like, A package for me? Is it shaped like a book? No? Oh. Well. Okay. But they came and now I can read them. The books are The King’s Rose and Torched and I can’t decide which to read first. What a lovely dilemma. Thank you, Robin!

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