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<3: The Beatles channel on Pandora. In the last half hour I’ve heard "Mrs. Robinson," "My Generation," "All You Need Is Love," and "Maybe I’m Amazed." It’s the perfect antidote to a slow, rainy day.
<3: The Beatles, generally. I haven’t listened to them in ages but my cupcake girl, Emma, is a huge fan and I’m playing around with different songs as ringtones for her friends and fam. What’s your favorite Beatles song?
<3: Impromptu plans. My friend Laura g-chatted me this morning to let me know she’d be in town for a conference today. We’re going to meet up for coffee and maybe dinner.
<3: Theatre! In the next week: Squat at Catholic, 7 Jewish Children coproduced by Theater J and Forum, Antebellum at Woolly, and Chicago at the National. I’m so excited! And almost all of it’s comped, too.
<3: I saw two young nuns racing each other up the stairs at the metro yesterday, giggling furiously the whole time.
<3: Dollhouse. Rosaline convinced me to give it another try, and I loved the second episode, which explored the relationship between Echo and her handler. I’m now all caught up, and I really liked last week’s episode too. Don’t want to spoil anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, but I doubt it’s spoilery to say that Ballard is hot and spent most of the episode shirtless. Other things I like: the moral qualms that Boyd and Dr. Fred are obviously experiencing, Topher’s quips, the mystery with Alpha, the bonding btw Echo and two of her fellow dolls, the kickass hand-to-hand combat, and the fact I’m surprised at least once during most episodes. Am v. curious to see where Joss & Co are going with this now.
<3: Godivas. I stopped yesterday and bought myself a box. My favorites were the caramel-apple truffle and the almond truffle.  
<3: After lots of moodling, I am making serious progress on my magic cupcake V-day love book! It’s so different from my Garolass book, but I’m having so much fun with it! Yay!

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