I have a confession to make. You know that whole I am not getting any new books until I read some of the ones I’ve already started? Well. I did read two, and they were okay if not set-my-world-afire-awesome. But then I went to the library last night and, by employing my frantic “grab three books I’ve heard of before the library closes in five minutes” maneuver, borrowed Shark Girl, The School for Dangerous Girls, and Evermore.


We’re going to Barnes and Noble tonight before we see Chicago at the National Theatre. (It occurs to me that some couples would have a nice leisurely dinner and a bottle of wine. We, being dorks, are instead all: Shiny proximity to bookstore? Booyah! If we eat quickish, we can go browse and drink coffee for an hour! Bookstore + coffee + theatre = totally ideal evening. Especially if you throw in a cookie.)


My point is, I can’t spend a whole hour in a bookstore without buying a book. At least one.  


Read anything lately that you loved? What should I buy? Advise me!


I’ve read 25 books so far this year! That puts me perfectly on target to reach my goal of reading 100 books in 2009. I loved 9 (really really loved 4 of them), liked 8, and felt kind of meh about the other 8. Most have been YA, so even with the ones I’m not wild about, I feel like it’s still good market research. I’ve never kept track of my reading before and it’s kind of fun. I ♥ lists!

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