I am oh-so-full of happy bloomy spring thoughts.


I had the nicest weekend I’ve had in ages.


First, we met with our bank to talk about mortgage options. We saw a super-shiny house on Saturday morning. Unfortunately there were already offers and we weren’t ready to jump in, but it’s so nice to know that there are good deals to be had within our price range. I’m excited about buying a place of our very own!


Saturday night we went to the martini lounge—where we are now sort of regulars, and where I have a new favorite drink (the nommy pink lemonade martini)—with a group of friends from Baltimore. After consuming numerous cocktails, we retreated to our apartment for cheese and crackers. Much hilarity ensued over talk of Dollhouse, girl crushes, and book lending. Most special of all, a discussion of my Garolass book sprang forth. Four of them had read it, and they passionately debated the love interests, the sidekicks (flirty Claire versus tomboy Bree), and the minutiae of the world-building. They’ve all talked to me about these things before, but not to each other, and it was so interesting to hear their divergent, occasionally belligerent opinions. Really, I just sat there in slightly tipsy, wide-eyed silence, marveling that they were that invested in my book. They cared about people I made up in my head! Later, I couldn’t help exclaiming to Steve that they talked about it just like it was a real book!  *happy sigh*


Then yesterday it was completely gorgeous outside, cherry blossoms and blue skies, and we went to Eastern Market and traipsed around with aforementioned friends. As an added bonus, they brought their adorable King Charles Cavalier spaniel. We visited the cheese man and the crepe man and I bought a necklace with yellow flowers that says bloom underneath. I ♥ it. I am wearing it now, in fact.


Then I sat outside at the coffee shop and finished reading The Season, which was every bit as wonderful as I had been promised. *cue swooning* Seriously, it is enchanting and you (yes, you) should read it. I loved historical romance when I was a teenager, devoured Sunfire romances and anything Civil War-era, but I haven’t read much of it lately. Now I want to fall back in headfirst. (I may or may not be reading the first few chapters of The Luxe online as I write this. Thank you, HarperTeen.) Oh, how could I have forgotten how absolutely shiny historical romance is? Dresses and decorum and stolen kisses and witty banter. Sarah MacLean does witty banter extraordinarily well, too. And headstrong young debutantes and jealous heroes and the epic romance of a gloved hand on the small of her back during a waltz. I really liked the friendship at the heart of this book, too. Is there any chance that there’ll be companion novels, where Vivi falls in love with one of Alex’s brothers and Ella ensnares Freddie Stanhope? I can only hope. Here I am, hoping.


How was your weekend? Do tell.


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