Question Friday: 5 Classes

Steve is graduating tomorrow! He’ll have his MFA in playwriting. It’s been pretty incredible to watch his work improve over the last four years. He’s developed a more theatrical style, a signature sense of humor, a wonderful openness to criticism and collaboration, and some fantastic contacts within the DC theatre community. He had a reading on Tuesday of his newest play, and afterwards we had dinner and fantastic dramaturgical discussion. I am so excited to see where his career goes next. 
So…if you could take classes in anything at all, what 5 things would you study?

After a less-than-wonderful grad school experience, I’m done with school for a bit. But eventually…I love syllabi and assigned reading too much to stay away.

My answers to this change all the time, but today I’d go with:
1. Writing for children & young adults (I really want to do this program at Vermont College someday)
2. Mythology. And not just Western mythology.
3. Yoga
4. Cake-decorating
5. Calligraphy

What about you?

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