Thankful Thursday

This week has been teh crazy.
On Saturday, Steve graduated. In the most interminable ceremony in the rain. But it was fun because we were texting back and forth. Everything is fun with him. We celebrated at Matchbox with his parents and then at a crazysauce BBQ with the other grad actors, playwrights, and directors. Much wine. Much laughter. A few tipsy chatty phone calls to my friends.
On Sunday, my little sister came for an impromptu visit, fleeing stupid-boy drama and summer-vacation boredom. It was so fun to see her. Having my family visit always feels HUGE because they hate the city. Seriously, I think I can count on one hand the number of times they have visited in the last five years, even though they are only an hour and a half away.
On Monday, we toured a few more houses and condos that our agent had suggested. We found one we liked. Really, really liked. But the price…we weren’t sure. We went home and did the numbers. We called our parents. We freaked out a little.
On Tuesday morning, we made an offer. Our agent called to tell us there was another offer, but she thought we had a good shot. Our agent is made of awesome and sparkles. She is hugely pregnant yet super-energetic. I sort of love her. I spent lunch on the phone with her, going over the formal paperwork, initializing and signing and faxing and trying to prepare myself for disappointment. Then we waited. At 4 p.m. she called and I snatched up my phone before it had even belted out the second "Rockstar!"
The seller accepted our offer.
We are buying a house.
The last two days have been a flurry of excited phone calls and emailing pictures and gathering more documentation for the bank and doing more math and asking our agent questions and freaking out and being over-the-moon excited. There is a lot to learn and a lot to do. It is a good thing I heart lists so very, very much.
We went and saw the house again last night with Liz and Austin and Rosaline. Then we went out for celebratory sushi. Rosaline brought me cupcakes. 

I love our house. I love the curved staircase and the glass-front cabinets and the shiny shiny kitchen and the hardwood floors. I love the funky sink in the guest bath and the wide windowsills and the three windows in our bedroom. I love the lighting, the wine cellar/dungeon, the front porch, the back porch, and that we’ll have a little yard where I can plant rosebushes. I cannot really imagine it yet. All this space, going from one bedroom to three, plus a den. All this freedom, to buy new furniture, and paint, and plant things. We can have BBQs. We can sit on the porch during thunderstorms and drink wine. We can have guests spend the night–not on the floor or a couch, but in an actual guest room. We can have our epic Christmas party and dinner parties and oh I can’t wait. I am already planning an inaugural girls’ night sleepover for while Steve is away at Sundance.

We figured we’d get a starter house. A pretty little condo, maybe. But this house–it is big enough for the children we want to have. It has a fenced-in yard for the pug we might get someday. This could be our forever house.

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