I’m feeling blue today. Someone broke one of Steve’s car windows last night–the second time this month. Last time it was parked a few blocks away, and they stole his GPS and iPod. The car was parked right outside of our apartment at the time and had nothing in it to steal. It costs hundreds of dollars to fix the window, plus (since it can’t be replaced until tomorrow) ruins our plans to see a play in Georgetown tonight. I love our neighborhood, and I hate that this makes me look at people with suspicion. Who are these people, who feel so entitled to damage others’ property? It disappoints me, and it pisses me off.
The father of one of my best friends from high school passed away yesterday. Gib and I don’t keep in touch very well anymore. He doesn’t do email and he doesn’t like to talk on the phone and we live very different lives. But when I heard, I called, and he cried on the phone with me about what a good man his father was. I hung up and cried too. There’s something about that old closeness–it persists no matter what. I wanted to be there to hug him and let him cry on my shoulder, like he did back in high school over girls who broke his heart, like he did when he was drunk and feeling lost. I wish there was more I could do.
It made me miss my grandmother. I mean, I miss her all the time, at all sorts of random little moments, but especially now that we’re buying a house. She would be so excited for us. She would want to hear all the little details. She was always so interested. So deeply invested in my happiness. I absolutely believe that she knows what I’m doing and is excited for us–but I miss getting to talk to her about it.
It’s been raining steadily for 24 hours. Yesterday it seemed cozy. I curled up and read Love You Hate You Miss You by Elizabeth Scott. I drank some tea and cuddled with the cat and lit a cappuccino candle. Tonight I think there might be raspberry muffins and Ticket to Ride and the Liz Phair playlist on the agenda. I promise a cheerier reading-centered post tomorrow! 

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