I am downright deliciously happy, y’all.
As of 7:30 last night, we are officially homeowners! Our house is all ours! I am incredibly relieved to have this settled. No more paperwork. No more anxious-making phone calls. Steve is leaving for Sundance in four days, and I was literally praying that we would settle before he left. And we did. We celebrated last night in an exhausted, low-key way, with takeout from our new favorite deli and two episodes of "The Closer." Tonight I’m going to make us a herbed summer squash & potato torte and we shall celebrate with the Veuve. And possibly some board games, ’cause that’s how we roll.
Also, I just got my copy of Eyes Like Stars! This is the most-anticipated book of the summer for me. As a former dramaturg, I just adore the premise. And Lisa’s cupcake character profiles (how much do you want to nom the Nate?). And then there’s the cover. I mean, isn’t it gorgeous?


I was so excited when I saw the slim Amazon package that the UPS man laughed at me.
Also-also, my bestest friend Rosaline is home from the beach. I missed her. We usually see each other at least once a week. Tomorrow she’s coming over to look at paint chips with me and see my house! We can have tea on the porch in our new rocking chairs and talk about books! (I lent her Shadowed Summer, The Demon’s Lexicon, and The Chosen One for her vacay.)
And speaking of those rocking chairs…tomorrow Steve’s parents are bringing them, plus two dressers and a grandfather clock. No more digging through boxes to look for my clothes! And on Thursday our new mattress is coming and we can move into the master bedroom and then all of our furniture will be complete!
I think I might have to make this Blueberry Boy Bait to celebrate. I mean, how can you resist that name?

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