Readerly Links

1. Did you all see NPR’s list of 100 Best Beach Reads? I’ve read about 1/3 of them and some of my all-time favorites (Gone with the Wind, Little Women, The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Harry Potter series) are there. There are also several books I’ve been meaning to read, like The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and The Time Traveler’s Wife.

2. There’s a woman in Scotland who is about to borrow her 25,000th library book. She is 91 and has been borrowing at least six books a week since 1946. That makes me happy.

3. Check out this book trailer for Lipstick Apology, one of the summer’s most-anticipated YA novels. It’s on my must-buy list.

4. My BFF Rosaline just wrote a fab review of Sea Change. I loved that book to pieces. We discussed it last night over flourless chocolate waffles (mmmm) and while I disagree with her about Miranda’s characterization, I agree that it is beautifully, evocatively written. The specificity of description has been inspiring me in my own revisions.

5. Okay, this isn’t reading-related, but I saw an awesome play tonight. If you’re in DC, I highly recommend Rorschach Theatre’s production of Dead City. It’s beautiful, sad, funny, and damn-well acted.

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