September Goal in Sight

Hi, internets! *waves*
So. I am very capable of meeting real (work, school, life) deadlines, but the ones I impose on myself? Not so much. My wise husband says I have an unrealistic understanding of time and space and the number of things I can reasonably be expected to accomplish. Hence my tendency to throw about 17 things on my to-do list and fully believe I will get them all done. And not just done–beautifully, thoughtfully, perfectly done.
I’m such a recovering perfectionist.
And you know one of the funny things about perfectionists? Sometimes it’s hard to sit down and DO something because of that gnawing fear that it won’t be anywhere close to perfect. It won’t even be good enough.
BUT Steve has green-lit the following goals as being totally possible:
I am going to finish my revisions by September 10. I am going to be ready to query by September 15.
I love revising. I’m just scared of what comes after, and sometimes that sways me away from working. But I have worked so hard on this book. When I look back at the first draft that I started almost two years ago, it’s amazing to see how much it’s grown and changed. It deserves a chance in the world. So for the next two weeks, I’m going to work really hard to make it the shiniest I can and give it the best possible chance. And I’m going to check back in here to hold myself accountable.

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