Thankful Thursday

It’s been a rough week in some ways (more on that in another post), but it’s been a lovely week as well, and I have lots to be thankful for, including:
* My husband. Yesterday was our 3rd anniversary. He bought me Odd and the Frost Giants, chocolate tea, and a Halloween cupcake kit; he cleaned the kitchen; he let me take a nap; he woke me up about 5 times because he knows I need to be "eased back into the world." We went to see Regina Spektor in concert, too, which was amazing. More importantly, he’s that supportive and funny and bril every day, not just on special occasions.
* I got my first full ms request from an agent! I’m trying to set itsy goals, i.e. not "get an offer" but "get some feedback". After 3 rejections without feedback, I was starting to wonder if my query sucked, so this is reassuring.
* We are getting a kitten! My mom has two litters of strays on her front porch–7 two-week-old kittens and a little gray fluffball that’s 4 weeks. I accidentally bonded with said fluffball on Sunday. I went toward the front porch expecting her to skitter away, but instead she meowed and came toward me. I sat gingerly on the step and she bumbled up and put her paws on my leg and let me pet her. Steve came over and was all, "Uh-oh." Yep. I accidentally fell in love. My mom is keeping an eye on little Phoebe; hopefully she’ll stay healthy and safe until we can pick her up on Oct. 17. I hope that Monkey will like having a playmate; I’ve been reading up on how to best introduce them. I asked him last night if he was excited about getting a baby sister, but his "meow" was kinda noncommital. Still, she is super-cute. Who could resist this?

* It is October! October is my favorite month. 🙂
* I am investing in myself and taking a private yoga class tonight. I haven’t done yoga for an appallingly long time–like six months–and it is going to kick my ass. But I’m excited.
* I just just two minutes ago found out that my lovely friend Laura & her husband are moving to Capitol Hill next month! Yay! More friends for game nights and walks around town and porch-drinking!

* We’re going to Chestertown tomorrow! Steve is receiving an alumni award from our undergrad in recognition of his playwriting. It coincides with the opening of the college’s shiny new theatre, and dozens of alums will be there. It’s going to be a crowded weekend. Convocation ceremony, reception, dinner for honorees, toast at the alumni house in his honor tomorrow. Saturday there’s a matinee and a picnic down by the river and I’m sure there will be other merrymaking. I can’t wait to see so many old friends!

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