Friday 5

1. Last weekend I made this amazing apple cake. This weekend I am going to bake my mom’s chocolate-chip pumpkin muffins. Last weekend Steve made vegetable soup. This weekend I am going to make butternut squash and sage soup. I ♥ fall food.
2. I finished reading Leviathan last night and I ♥ it too. Definitely one of my favorite books of the year. It’s such a wonderful old-fashioned adventure story, but with supercool steampunk elements. The illustrations are gorgeous. And I really connected with the characters, too, which is a must for me. I adored Dr. Barton, the clever-boots zoologist, and Alek, the brilliant pilot/sad boy/pompous prince. But most of all, I loved Deryn Sharp, the brave, trash-talking, swaggering girl who crossdresses to become a midshipman and fulfill her dream of flying. I think I shall adopt her favorite curse, "Barking spiders!" Anyway, you should read it so we can talk about it. Yes, YOU.
3. I finished the first chapter of Garolass book 2! I’m at about 4K and my minigoal is to get to 15K by the end of the month. Then I can get my little critique group to read the first four chapters for me and make sure I’m headed in the right direction. This progress depends in part on how extensive the notes from my agent are on the first book.
4. Said notes are supposed to be here by Tuesday. I am nervous and excited. I suppose this will prove that I do in fact have an agent, and it’s not all some marvelous mirage.
5. Barking spiders, this weather is dismal. Where’s the glorious blue October sky? Fortunately, I have a trifecta of awesome planned for this weekend. Tonight: Indian food and playing Rummikub with Steve. (He’s teaching a high school workshop in DC today, so fingers crossed that goes well!) Tomorrow: Saturday-morning coffee/writing date and then a game night with friends and wine. Sunday: tea with my bestie and more writing time. Plus I’m finally reading Looking for Alaska!

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