New York, New York

I’m going to spend a weekend in mid-November in New York. Steve wants to see a play written and directed by guys he met (and drank in the Owl Bar with) at Sundance. And I’m going along  ’cause while a super-experimental four-hour play isn’t necessarily my cup of tea (I love theatre, but four hours is a long damn play and there are clowns!) I haven’t been to New York for…ten years? I think it has actually been ten years. For my high school graduation present, my dad sent me and one of my friends to see Rent on Broadway. Yikes.
Anyway. What should I see and do in New York? Where should we eat and drink? We’ll be taking the Bolt Bus. We’ll be staying in Brooklyn with our crazy friend Rob. There’s the play Saturday night. That’s….all I’ve got so far.
Also, is anyone going to the SCBWI winter conference? My bestie, who’s writing her master’s thesis on families in YA dystopian literature and is a major Libba Bray fangirl, has offered to accompany me and split the hotel cost. (Whee!) But I have never been to a conference before. Would this be a good one to start with?

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