Writing Update

I’m working on the sequel to Inheriting Garolass. I don’t know if it’s the smart thing to do. I’ve read advice from authors not to waste time working on a sequel for a book that hasn’t sold yet. I do have a few other projects on the backburner, things I’m excited to write about at some point, but the main flow of ideas is still for Molly and her friends and enemies. So that’s what I’m going with.


I’m still waiting for edits from my new agent, which has been a challenge in terms of patience. I’m so excited to hear in detail what he thinks of the book and where I can make it better and what his plan is. If I am this eager to hear from him—my heart rocketing into my throat whenever I get a new message in my inbox–I shudder to think how crazy-nervous I will be when the book does eventually go out to editors.


Anyway, I’m working from an outline for the first time ever and it’s been incredibly helpful. I have added a few unplanned scenes, but I like being able to look ahead and balance family vs dangerous politics vs romance. It’s like working with a puzzle. Also, I’ve found that when I get stuck, unexcited about writing the next bit, it’s usually because I’m planning to write the wrong thing. That has happened twice now with a Molly-Bree conversation that I think will actually have maximum impact later.  


Ooh, and I found out something new about one of my minor characters this week! There’s a line about Claire that has stayed through five revisions in Garolass, an observation I thought was totally random. It turns out it’s quite telling, and the secret behind it provides her with a major motivation in the sequel. It was an exciting moment. My subconscious is so smart!

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