Agent Appreciation

Today is Agent Appreciation Day!

No, seriously, it is. YA author Kody Keplinger made it up and Lisa and Laura Roecker have a whole list of all the writers giving thanks for their brilliant agents.

My agent is Jim McCarthy at Dystel & Goderich, so I am particularly fond of these other posts praising him.

I still can’t believe that I have an agent, honestly. I started querying less than three months ago, and I tried to keep my hopes realistic, and I sort of prayed that by the holidays I might have some interest. But now I have an agent who loved my book. Who was really excited to represent me. That alone means the world to me.
Then last month Jim read my book again and sent me questions. Insightful, thoughtful,awesomesauce, challenging questions. They helped me edit and improve the book immensely. Look, even his boss says that he has a brilliant editorial mind! The interwebs also have proof that he is both funny and thoughtful.

And he responds to my questions super-quickly. Like within fifteen minutes.

And today he is sending out my book to some editors. He believes they may want to make it into an actual real live book, and though I know this is sort of the whole point, it still…I still can’t quite believe it. How wonderful and insane is that?

Thank you, Jim.

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