WIP Bliss & Ritual

I woke up this morning in a deliciously dreamy mood. While getting ready for work, I had An Idea. A sort of magic-click, I can’t wait to write this down Idea for a scene in my new WIP. Complete with dialogue and description and a First Kiss in a Secret Room.
I’m kind of in love with my new WIP. I’m only 5K in, but I’m planning coffee-shop writing dates with Steve for this weekend. I still have a goal of 20K for January, and I’m way behind. I spent so long doing revisions and edits on Garolass that it feels strange to work on a rough draft again.
I’m trying to be more consistent. But I’m also trying not to be too tough on myself, because I have an overvigilant Guilt Muscle and there are days like yesterday when I get news about subs–potentially promising–and I feel exhausted and spinny and I just need some Ben & Jerry’s and episodes of The Mentalist. (I love that show. Major crush on Simon Baker.) On days like that I may not write at all.
I know everyone’s process is different, but I’m not quite sure what mine is for this book yet. Other writers, of any genre: Do you write every day? At the same time every day? Do you set a time goal or a word count goal? Do you have rituals to get yourself started? I would truly love to know.

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