Thankful Thursday

These are the things on my gratitude list today. What about you?

1. My new yoga studio. I love it! From the soothing sage-colored walls to the teacher’s gentle storybook voice to spending an hour and a half stretching hamstrings and quads. Last night our teacher announced that the theme for class would be "patience" and I almost lost it laughing. It was so exactly, perfectly what I needed to hear. Be patient with where you are now. Be present in the moment. Keep breathing. Those are lessons I need on and off the mat right now. I also love that the studio has chosen 4 charities to support over the year; they have a donation-based class every weekend where all the proceeds go to that quarter’s charity.

2. I have been a worried kitty mama this week. Monkey went to the vet on Tuesday for an infected tooth, and she was alarmed by how much weight he’s lost and wanted to run some tests. He’s 14, so I worried and spent lots of extra snuggly time with him over the last 48 hours. But the vet just called and he’s totally healthy. Yay! 
3. I have a coffee-shop writing date with Steve after work. I’m almost finished with chapter 4, and I looked ahead to my outline and…um…hmmm. I seem to have outlined the first 4 chapters, and then skipped right to the middle. I’m excited to figure out what happens next. After two years of working on Garolass, it’s so much fun to play and discover wholly new characters.
4. My fingerless gloves arrived today! I love them and may never take them off.

5. My purple colored pencil. I have been writing everything at work today with it. My boss just got back from ten days in Cancun and the office is a little harried, and it’s the little things, right?

6. Steve went grocery shopping today and bought me ingredients to make these Salted-Caramel Chocolate cupcakes and these Mocha Latte cupcakes for a game night we’re having Saturday. I can’t wait to use my new pastry tips and my new mixer!
7. Speaking of Cancun, my bestest friend and I have decided to go to Mexico this summer to celebrate our 30th birthdays! And 12 awesome years of friendship as well. We’re going to spend 4 days/5 nights at the Wyndham Cozumel Resort & Spa. I can’t wait! Umbrella drinks, reading to the sound of the ocean, a balcony with a hammock, a pool, a massage, maybe snorkeling…and did I mention the umbrella drinks? 

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