Saturday Six

1. Steve had a lunch meeting in Silver Spring today, so I tagged along. Now that I live in the city, town centers are sort of exciting. I did my yearly makeup-update (teal eyeliner–is it for me? I dunno yet). I also bought the first two books in Ally Carter’s Gallagher Girls series, and I think I convinced an actual teen to buy Heist Society. Which, btw, has amazing front-of-store placement at Borders.

2. Also, I went to CakeLove and had two luscious cupcakes (s’mores and vanilla with raspberry frosting). I am thinking my thirtieth birthday party might be cupcake & Cosmo themed. As in, bring unto me a cupcake in celebration of my nativity and I will make you a Cosmo (or the drink of your choice). It worked well last year.

3. We are expecting to make a decision re: Inheriting Garolass submissions this week.

4. Almost as exciting–and considerably less nerve-wracking–when I mentioned that I was working on something new that I’m really excited about, Jim said he’d like to see it. I can’t believe that I spent two years polishing and perfecting Garolass before I sent it off, and now after two months, before it’s even finished, I’m okay with sharing Thrice. I know the circumstances are different, but:

5. I have odd moments of confidence about Thrice. As though perhaps it might be sort of quite…good. I have moments of distinct hope that I am improving at this writing thing. A more action (as opposed to reaction)-oriented main character, a clear plot from the beginning, two genuinely likable boys, an outline…these things have been helpful. But I know what I still need to work at, too: chiefly, world-building. It doesn’t come easily to me, conceiving all of the rules of a different society, fleshing it out enough for it to be believable and distinct. Steve has read a lot more fantasy and sci-fi than I have, and he’s great about pointing out inconsistencies and questions. Even though sometimes I’m, um, not exactly grateful in the moment. Really I am very grateful. Ultimately.

6. And on that note, I’m off to work on some notes he gave me for Chapter 9. Have I mentioned recently how wonderful it is, being married to another writer? He gives great critique. And he completely understands when I decide to bail on a dinner/devised theatre symposium date to stay home and revise this chapter so I can make some good forward momentum tomorrow.

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