Question Friday: Ice Cream Treats


It’s SPRING! Yay! According to the Washington Post, yesterday’s forecast was “delightful with sunshine,” and the entire weekend promises sunshine and temperature in the 70s.

The caf was giving away free ice cream treats the other day. In this spirit of frozen deliciousness:

1.       Ice cream sandwich OR nutty buddy cone?

2.       Strawberry shortcake ice cream bar OR chocolate éclair ice cream bar?

3.       Orange cream bars or vanilla crunch bars?

4.       Fudge pop or old school popsicle?

5.       Popsicles: strawberry, orange, or grape? (The grape ones always languished in my house.)

Bonus: What’s your favorite ice cream treat? I’d have to go with the ice cream sandwich myself, although the strawberry shortcake bars are also made of nom.

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