Library-loving Challenge

I love libraries.

I grew up in a little town. There were more cows and apple trees than people. Friday night football games and Farm Show were a big deal. There was one high school with grades seven through twelve; a lot of the teachers taught my parents too. There was one pizza & sub shop, one 7-11, one grocery store, one video store, one hardware store.

That was it.

No bookstore. The nearest thing was a Waldenbooks forty minutes away, and you would not believe how over-the-moon excited my sisters and I were about monthly trips there. During the summers, though, my stepdad drove us to the library in the next town over. My sisters and I had our own library cards, and we checked out stacks of books that stretched to our chins. I gobbled up Sunfire romances and Victoria Holt mysteries and Alexandra Ripley’s historical romances.

I’ve been thinking lately about talent and passion and where it comes from. Any talent, but specifically this love of words and stringing them together in a pretty way. I think it must come, at least in part, from immersing oneself in stories. From summers spent reading by the pool, on the boat, in front of the fan, in the hammock at the cabin, on the floor by the tv, everywhere.

It must come, at least in part, from libraries.

So I’m participating in the library-loving blog challenge hosted by author Jenn Hubbard.

For every unique commenter on this post between now and Friday at midnight, I will donate $1 to the Adams County Library System, up to $100.

All you have to do is comment. If you don’t know what to say, "I love libraries" will totally work. If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you do.  I’m guessing you’re a kindred spirit and a fellow library-lover.

I’d like to hear what books you remember getting from your local library. Do you still have a library card? Do you use it?

Please spread the word about this contest. If you feel inspired to join the challenge or make a donation to your own library, please join us. For a complete list of participating bloggers (and to visit other sites where you can help more libraries by just leaving a comment!), visit Jenn’s blog at  . 

This picture is of the new Harbaugh-Thomas Library branch in my hometown, built just a few years ago. Isn’t it beautiful

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