Saturday 6

1) I have been listening to the "Lungs" album by Florence + the Machine for hours on end. I love it.

2) Today we went to our local garden center/hardware store and bought cilantro, rosemary, parsley, sage, basil, dill, chives, and lavender, plus a little strawberry plant. We–okay, Steve–affixed some planters to the wrought-iron railing of our back porch, and we planted them! I have for serious never planted anything before. I am notorious for killing plants by forgetting to water them. We have a bamboo plant that we received as a housewarming gift in September, which Steve has managed to keep alive and actually thriving, and it is a source of great astonishment and glee. But there’s something about spring now that I have my own yard. It was really fun, and:

3) I’m looking forward to more planting. Besides some general weeding & mulching around our five rosebushes, I’m thinking about planting a tree in the backyard (maybe a pink crepe myrtle)? I love forsythia too; I’d like to find a place for some of those. My mom is an amazing gardener. All I really want for my birthday is for her to come visit and help me plant some flowers; I really hope she can find the time.

4) Everyone who commented on my Library-Loving challenge, thank you! You helped me raise $70 and I’m going to kick it up to $75.

5) I just found out that a friend of mine from college–a wonderful, generous, hilarious friend with an adorable five month old son–has lymphoma again for the third time. It seems so unfair. He’s going to have to go through chemo and then have a bone marrow transplant. Steve and I joined the National Bone Marrow registry this week and it was so easy. We signed up online on Tuesday, received a cheek-swab kit today and did it in two minutes. We feel really great about the possibility that we might be able to help our friend or someone else. If you haven’t already registered, please consider it.

6) Tonight we’re having a potluck girls’ night and watching New Moon with the Riff-Trax. I have been assured it is hilarious. Considering that I found New Moon pretty giggle-worthy in the theatre without wine, I can only assume a grand evening is in store.

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