My revision is done!

Well, almost.

I’m going to let it breathe this weekend. My amazing alphas are going to read it to see if there are any logic fails, missing transitions, etc. But hopefully I’ll be ready to send it to my agent early next week.


I am really pleased with it. I have oodles more to learn, but I do feel like I’ve become a better writer in the last six months. The pacing and tension in the last half are better. I cut scenes and conversations that just didn’t work. I streamlined. I still struggle with world-building, but I hope what I’ve added gives the story more context and the characters more clarity, more motivation for why they are who the people they are. 

I am way excited to spend the weekend gardening and reading. On the gardening front, I bought a $30 coupon for $60 of stuff from a local garden center. I want a flowering plum tree for the backyard, and some more flowers and planters for the porches. My herbs are growing unevenly–lots of dill and lavender, but the birds have eaten most of the sage and parsley. Chives and rosemary and basil are at a standstill. However, roses are budding and sunflowers are sprouting! And Steve is finally picking up our new lawnmower tomorrow, so we can mow our embarrassing savannah of a yard.

On the reading front, I’m finishing ASH, which I am really enjoying. Some of the fairy-tale retellings I’ve read seemed to slant a little slow, with oodles of description–but this one is lovely. I really appreciate that in Ash’s world, love is love, straight or gay, no big deal. I wish our world was more like that. I want to read FIRE next. And I’m hitting up B&N on Sunday for a book-buying binge, despite my already-towering pile. I’m thinking I will come home with IF I STAY, RADIANT SHADOWS, and RULES OF ATTRACTION. Any other suggestions?

I’m also hoping to cross three things off my 30×30 list this weekend: trying the 10th new restaurant, exploring in Georgetown, and baking a pie from scratch. Anybody have any words of wisdom on pie crusts?

Have a happy weekend, everyone!

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