Friday 5

1. I had the best strawberry smoothie ever last night. I keep thinking of it longingly.

2. I just finished my revisions, smoothing out the pace of the last five chapters. I am really, intensely hopeful that Agent Jim will think it is ready to send out on submissions now. I mean, it’s my baby, but *lowers voice* I’m kind of sick of its face. Is that terrible? My brain is smooshed from revisions. I’m ready to write something new and shiny. 

3.  I get to have tea with   this afternoon! I’ve been lucky to crit some of her WIPs and I can’t wait to meet her in person. I feel like we might be kindred spirits. Her: I’ll be the one with the Sony Reader covered in Disney Princesses. Me: Awesome! I’ll be the one in the Romeo & Juliet wouldn’t have lasted T-shirt! 

4. I am going to my grandparents’ cabin this weekend. I haven’t been there for almost two years. I could make excuses that we were busy last summer with buying the house, and we were, but it was more that it’s been hard to face the place without my grandmother. I have so many awesome memories of her there: playing Canasta and Racko, eating canteloupe and honeydew at the picnic table, looking through family photo albums, having Thanksgiving dinners…It’s one of my favorite places in the world, though. It’s time to go back. I’m excited to plant some impatiens, and grill some veggie burgers, and play board games, and walk down to the lake, and…you get the idea. Classic Americana.

5. And maybe get back to some of that Shiny New Idea. New writing goal: finish the rough draft of Thrice-Blessed by the end of July.

What are you doing this weekend?


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