Happy Friday!

This week I’ve been looking over some beta readers’ comments (helpful, perceptive, awesome) on the first half of ThriceArmed with some ideas on where its weaknesses lie, this weekend I intend to jump back in. I’m participating in Kaz’s Summer Camp and I’m determined to kick some ass. My goal is to finish the second half (probably 35-40K) by the end of July.

I’m over-the-moon excited about this story. When I reread the last chapter, I just giggled with joy. The revisions for Garolass were hard work–satisfying, certainly, but it didn’t feel like play. Returning to this first draft after two months away feels like play. Exciting, engrossing. I’m not so caught up in "Am I doing it right?" I’m just doing it. That’s where the joy comes in, I think. 

My goals for my day off include writing at least 1500 words, getting a massage, making blackberry sage sun tea, omg doing some serious laundry, and a dinner date with my husband. In fact, I’d like to write 5K this weekend, dear internets. In-between a bbq and a theatre season preview (the season is called "A Striptease of the Subconscious"–isn’t that fantastic?) and the aforementioned laundry monster.

Hold me accountable on that,

What are you doing this weekend? 


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