Happy Girl is Happy

We planted sunflower seeds about two months ago. Now the sunflowers are taller than me, and they’re so pretty!
I surpassed 50K on Thrice last night. I am really excited to write the next scene, which involves telling secrets in a graveyard in the dead of night.
Work was cancelled yesterday–the entire university was closed due to a water main break. It was like a snow day in June!
My sisters are going to the beach on Sunday for a week. S emailed me a list of YA books she wanted to read and asked if I had any of them and indeed I did. I’m shipping a box to her today, 14 books, including my ARC of LINGER. I love sharing books. Right now I’m reading INTO THE WILD NERD YONDER and it’s hilarious. Such a great voice.
Someday I want to write a straight contemporary novel. I have an idea for a book that involves theatre, divorce, and cupcakes. A little DRAMARAMA but without the summer camp, more family-centered. About the pull between family and independence, wanting something more than where you grew up, whether that’s okay. Maybe I’ll tackle it this fall after I finish Thrice. Although I have hopes–
Garolass–now tentatively titled The Other Side of the Forest–is out on submission with ten fantastic editors. My heart leaps into my throat when new messages pop into my inbox, even though I know Jim would call me with anything important. I’m trying to ignore the mix of hope and anxiety chattering at the back of my brain.

Now I’m heading off to Amanda Palmer’s ninja gig in Bethesda. That should help; this will be the third time I’ve seen her in concert, and her shows are always amazing.

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