I did it!
I finished writing my second book, Thrice-Blessed. It’s 75K and 276 pages and I am crazy in love with it.
I wrote the last twenty thousand words over the last ten days. I’ve never been so immersed in a story. I’ve never written so much so fast. But I’m leaving for Cozumel tomorrow morning and I wasn’t planning to bring my netbook, and I knew that if I left with just two or three chapters unfinished, it’d tug at me the whole time.
I’ve already discussed some of its issues with my brilliant playwright husband and my best friend/alpha reader. I just sent it off to my fabulous critique partner. And when I get back, I’m going to dive back in and make it better. I know it needs work.
But I’m really really pleased with it as a first draft. I love these characters and this story. Even when it’s been difficult, even when I’ve been stuck, it’s been joyful. During the hell of waiting on submissions, it’s reminded me what this is all about. Being love-drunk and scared you won’t do it justice but confident down deep in your heart of hearts and words pouring onto the keyboard so fast your computer maybe freezes once or twice and talking about it all with anyone who will listen. (Thanks, guys.)
Here’s the little pitch I wrote for it ages ago:
Cate Cahill isn’t as ambitious a witch as her sister Maura or as brilliant as her sister Tess. But she’s the one tasked with keeping them safe from the repressive Brotherhood. When their father insists on hiring a new governess and Cate begins to receive notes from her missing-presumed-mad godmother, her job becomes exponentially more difficult. Cate must juggle afternoon teas, a childhood chum turned suitor, and an impossible attraction to the new gardener. She seeks answers in censored books and rebellious new friends. But when one of her sisters betrays her, Cate unwittingly plays into the hands of a dangerous prophecy. Is the Brotherhood really her worst enemy, or is it someone much closer to home?

Now, if I can get my head to stop spinning, I’m off to bed. I have to be up in 4.5 hours to head to the airport. I intend to spend the next five days drinking umbrella drinks, swimming, and reading some of my ALA ARCs in the sunshine with my best friend. A good way to celebrate all of this hard work, right? I’m going to have a little contest when I get back, so tune in next week to find out which ARCs and books are up for grabs!

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