Cozumel: A List

Swimming in the clear, warm, gorgeous, blue-green ocean
The sound of the waves
Snorkeling at 3 coral reefs
Guilt-free time to read & daydream
Early-evening siestas
Being called "bonita" instead of "ma’am"
Frosty cool strawberry daiquiris
The swings that formed seats on 2 sides of the tiki bar
Fantastic people-watching
Not having to wait for the check (all-inclusive!)
A fantastically relaxing massage
A gorgeous orangish-red pedicure
Reasonable portions
Pretty coral & silver jewelry
The salty nighttime breeze off the water
Aztec soup (peppers, tortillas, limes, sour cream, yum)
Having my best friend on hand to discuss what we were reading
Wearing pretty sundresses without thought to whether they’re too cleavage-y for work
Fresh churros for dessert
Fresh pineapple for breakfast
Being almost internet-free (only checking email once a day)

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