I ♥ Monday

♥ Vampire Diaries. I marathoned the first 14 episodes this weekend. I am late to the party, I know, but now I’m totally in love with this show. I love Damon. And not just ’cause he’s hot–although when he was dancing around the house with Vicki? ZOMG. Mostly because he’s snarky and makes fun of Stefan. Stefan’s a little too earnest for me, and he has a little bit of a fivehead going on, although who cares with those abs. I am also terribly fond of Caroline. And Elena is surprisingly kickass after awhile. I can’t wait to finish the first season and get all caught up. Now I am tremendously excited to read the Smart Pop Vampire Diaries anthology! Also, you should all read Sarah Rees Brennan’s hilarious recap of the first two episodes. She loves Damon and Caroline too!

In the next room, or The Vibrator Play by Sarah Ruhl. We saw it at Woolly Mammoth last Thursday and it’s an amazing show. It explores how vibrators were used to treat women suffering from hysteria in Victorian times, and in doing so explores sex and love and gender roles. Sarah Ruhl is one of my favorite playwrights, Woolly is my favorite theatre in DC, and this was a very me play in its themes. The acting and staging and pacing were all fantastic, too. If you’re in the area, you should definitely try to see it! It runs through Oct. 3.

♥ SHADE by Jeri Smith-Ready. I’ve been on a paranormal reading binge for a few weeks, and this was definitely my favorite of the bunch. It’s about a girl named Aura who was born after the Shift, which means she can see ghosts. It also means that when her boyfriend suddenly dies, she can still spend time with him. That and the trial for his wrongful death make moving on really difficult, even though she’s attracted to the new Scottish exchange student. The mythology of the Shift, the mystery of Aura’s unique role in it, and the fear that her boyfriend might turn Shade (bad ghost doomed to lurking around forever) are fascinating. Plus Aura’s romance with both boys is seriously swoon-worthy. I’m really eager to read the sequel, SHIFT!

♥ Metric. I cannot stop listening to "Help, I’m Alive."

♥ Fall weather! The weather here in DC has turned a corner, and it’s my absolute favorite weather of the whole year. Searing blue September skies, a crisp red-apple chill in the air, windows thrown open, perfect for tea and baking and blankets, making chili, watching football, snuggling with the cat.

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