I ♥ Monday

I know. It’s not Monday at all, not even faux-Monday! Oops. However, there’s lots to ♥ today:
♥ Have you read Hyperbole and a Half’s post on the Sneaky Hate Spiral? It made me laugh so hard I cried. I’m also a fan of the God of Cake. I can identify with both of these things.
♥ Games! I went to a friend’s game night on Saturday and it was so much fun. We played this awesome hybrid of pictionary and telephone. Basically, you write down a phrase (such as "killer bunnies" or "sparkly vampires") and pass it to the person to your right. That person tries to draw it on a new piece of paper. They pass it to the person to their right, who writes down what they think the picture represents. Then they pass it on, and the next person draws the new phrase, and so forth, til it comes back to you, often bearing no resemblance at all to the words you originally wrote. It is hilarious. Especially when you are not very good artists. Especially when you are literal. "Cheese tree? Triangle lighthouse?" Especially when there is wine involved.
♥ Being independent within a relationship. I love that I was enjoying the above game night while Steve was off at a theatre fundraiser gala. We both had fun. Neither of us felt guilty. It’s a hard balance to strike sometimes when you’re both working full-time and trying to maintain social lives and start writing careers. And his career requires networking and seeing lots of theatre, and mine requires…staying home and staring at my computer/out the window a lot. But I feel like we’re getting better and better at it! (The balance, I mean. Though I am becoming QUITE an accomplished window-starer-outer!)
Fables by Bill Willingham. I read several of the graphic novels this weekend, getting caught up on the series. I don’t read a ton of comics–I should, because I know there are lots of awesome ones out there–but I love these. They’re so clever, and the art’s gorgeous, and I’m a sucker for modern fairy-tale retellings. As PW describes it: This elaborate fantasy series begins as a whodunit, but quickly unfurls into a much larger story about Fabletown, a place where fairy tale legends live alongside regular New Yorkers. Years ago, fables and fairy tales like Jack and the Beanstalk and Cinderella "were a thousand separate kingdoms spread over a hundred magic worlds," until they were invaded and driven into hiding and, eventually, into modern-day Gotham. And so, on the city streets we find Beauty and the Beast in trouble with the law and Prince Charming reduced to a broke cad auctioning off his royal title, while his ex-wife, Snow White, rules over the de facto kingdom the fables created. When Snow White’s sister, Rose Red, disappears from a blood-soaked apartment, the Wolf, reformed and now the kingdom’s house detective, is assigned to the case.
Autumn Vegetable Stew. I am making it tonight for dinner and it is so yummy. Basically: one diced & peeled butternut squash, an onion, some garlic, 4-5 chopped red potatoes, a can of spicy tomatoes, 2 cups of veggie stock, and a bunch of sage. I also add green beans because I ♥ green beans. You could add corn or carrots or whatever. The sage is really fragrant and tasty, so don’t skip out on it.
♥ Revision! Really. But I’ll post more about that tomorrow.  

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