Fashion Friday: Gloves & Boots

One of the things I love best about fall is the sensuousness of it.  Luxurious velvet. Whisper-soft chenille blankets. Crackling leaves skittering along pavement. Geese honking against an eggshell sky. The air itself feels red-apple crisp. The sharp bite of cheddar with tart green apples. The sweetness of cider and steaming pumpkin muffins.
There are little delights everywhere.

And it’s the season where I’m most tempted to shop, too. So many gorgeous colors: rusty oranges, scarlets, yellows, sweet raspberries, deep greens (even though they make me look a bit sickly), all echoing the change of season outside.


I just bought these awesome Embarcadero Boots in Raspberry. They are more of a fuschia suede bootie, really, and I am kind of in love with them.


I am also highly covetous of the Everlasting Emerald Heels. I don’t think I could walk in them, but aren’t they are scrumptious?
I have one pair of fingerless gloves, but I’m eyeing these Fingerless Gloves in Mallard Green. And these Alpaca Cable Handwarmers in Rust. Or maybe Merlot. Decisions, decisions.


I’m going on a wine-tasting tour tomorrow with a group of friends. Three wineries, a mug of tea, fall leaves, apple-cheddar scones. Could it be any more perfectly autumnal? And yes, I’ve been planning what to wear all week.

What are you eyeing this week? What’s your favorite fall texture or color?

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