Thankful Thanksgiving

 My parents’ internet was down yesterday, but here are ten things, big & small, that I’m especially thankful for this year:

1. Awesome chocolate mousse cake with whipped cream & caramel sauce (thanks, Mom!)

2. The way my mom is thoughtful with my husband. Whenever we visit, she always gets him pretzels and his favorite diet root beer, and she made him his favorite cake (Germany chocolate) for his birthday dinner tonight. She’s thoughtful with me, too, but somehow her kindness to him means even more.

3. My sister S, who’s been working frantically on her thesis all week and keeps muttering hilarious things like “I could kick a puppy down the stairs” (no worries, no puppies have actually been harmed). Even when she’s crazy-stressed, she always makes me laugh.

4. Taylor Swift—my family watched her Speak Now special last night. She just seems so genuine and gutsy—not afraid to be silly or put herself out there. I find all three of her albums compulsively listenable.

5. Fantastic books—like Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine. I read it in two gulps yesterday and it’s beautiful. I’m not at all surprised that it won the NBA. I very rarely read middle-grade, but it’s got a very distinctive voice (the narrator is a ten year old girl with Aspergers) and a really sweet, touching story.

6. My bestie Jenn, who’s always such an amazing cheerleader and listener. She’s having an especially tough year, but she’s still been making our sacred Tuesday-night dinner dates.

7. & 8. My critique partners, Katie and Jackie. CPs were one of the things I really wanted at this time last year, and I’m so grateful to have found two I click with so well, who are so interesting and talented and enthusiastic about my work. I can’t wait to have more chances to hang out with them in person in the new year—and to read more of their stories!

9. My brilliant playwright husband, who is busily teaching a class, writing a play, revising a play, rehearsing another play, creating a website and a theatre company, and still finds time to make me dinner and empty the dishwasher and hug me when I’m sad.

10. My writing. Even when it’s frustrating and crazy-making, I am so, so glad to have found something I love to do.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

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