Suggestions Please!

1. I pared down my Google Reader recently because I just. can’t. keep up. But now I’m wondering: which writer and/or industry blogs do you love? A few of my favorite authors-I-don’t-know-IRL blogs are Stephanie PerkinsLaini Taylor, and Natalie Whipple. I am also hugely fond of Shrinking Violets. I am, however, sort of terrible about clicking through and commenting on non-LJ blogs.

2. Do you follow book bloggers? My faves are Green Bean Teen Queen and Presenting Lenore, and I follow a few others as well. But I know there are SO many out there. Who are your favorites?

3. What’s on your to-be-read tower at the moment? Anything you recommend? I have an Amazon gift certificate that’s burning a hole in my inbox. I’m reading THE IRON DAUGHTER now, soon to be followed by THE IRON QUEEN, and I’m in love with this series. I need to do a book-recommending post soon! On my definitely-buying pile includes DESIRES OF THE DEAD and RIVAL, both out today.

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