I ♥ Monday: Super-Tuesday Edition

♥ Manatees. I just spent a long weekend on the most amazing writing retreat in Key Largo. There were four manatees that swam in the canal behind our house every morning. They really enjoyed drinking fresh water from the garden hose. We could lay flat out on the concrete and pet them, and they were an incredible combination of bulky and graceful. I could become a morning person for manatees. They’re THAT adorable. See?

♥ Darren Criss as Blaine. Kurt too. But Blaine is my new GLEE crush. I’m so glad tonight’s episode was fun, because last week’s (aside from the Rent song) kinda sucked. I’m neither a Bieber fan nor a Sam fan.

♥ Pink champagne. I’ve never been a champagne girl but it turns out pink champagne is yummy. I should have known. PINK IS THE SECRET OF AWESOME.

♥ My amazingly supportive agent-sisters Robin and Caroline, who have written me emails today that made me laugh AND cry and then used their wiles to secure a reservation at my favorite DC restaurant on Thursday.

♥ This day. This day has been crazy-amazing (CRAMAZING?) and I can’t wait to share the details of why with everyone. If you’ve been following the blog you can probably guess the basics, and I feel like a huge tease, but it’s impossible not to acknowledge it at all. I’ve spent the day in hysterical laughter and shock and happy tears. I promise I will announce publicly the very second I’m allowed!

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  1. Ahaha! The manatee on his back looks like my fat little Ollie. Manatees that look like cats = especially cute. Also, I love Tuesday, February 22, 2011 for you.

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