I ♥ Monday

♥ Foreign rights! So far we’ve sold The Cahill Witch Chronicles in:

Italian: Sperling & Kupfer Editori SPA

Spanish: Random House Mondadori

Hebrew: Modan Publishing House

Really, I can’t even wrap my mind around my books being available in Barnes & Noble in DC, much less in ITALY. I’m so excited!

♥ Everyone who’s added BORN WICKED on Goodreads. Thank you!

♥ Benedict Cumberbatch, star of SHERLOCK and the National Theatre’s production of FRANKENSTEIN. I get to see the latter tonight in DC, courtesy of Shakespeare Theatre! I can’t wait.

♥ My new Macbook Air. It’s my first-ever Mac and I’m totally smitten. Now I need to come up with an awesome name for it. My netbook is Hermione, Hermy for short, and it has served me very well. I need another smart, feisty girl from kidlit. I’m leaning heavily toward Roo, after E. Lockhart’s Ruby Oliver.

♥ Spring! I went away to a spa for the weekend (which was fabulously relaxing and so much fun!) and came home to things blooming all over DC. Our tulips and peonies are sprouting up, and the thundercloud plum we planted last fall is blossoming pink and pretty.

What are YOU loving today? And do you name your electronics?

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  1. I'm all about the spring plants lifting my spirits! I was going to do a little gardening on Sunday, but it was so cool I just toured to see how it's all doing. Lots coming up – tulips, hyacinth, asparagus, peonies and hostas. Also getting growth on all the bushes (roses, raspberry, etc.). Exciting!

    And yes, I name my laptop. Right now mine is named Rosemary (Clooney). I think. It's either that or Barbra Streisand, which is what I think my last laptop was named.

  2. Naming computers is pretty much required for nerds. I named my Macbook phoenix after it mysteriously started working again after spending two days fried after spilling water on the keyboard, and my current laptop is called turncoat, for it is where I made the reverse switch, Mac -> Windows.

  3. jessica_shea

    Turncoat does have a certain ring to it…

    I like how jaunty Roo is though. And I just bought an intensely colorful sleeve so I don't break her.

    1. jessica_shea

      Thank you! I'm very excited. And I can't wait to see you & Robin tomorrow & hear how things are going with REVOLUTIONARY.

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