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I went to visit my family this past weekend and celebrate my book deal.

It was great, but there was someone I really missed: my grandmother, who passed away in 2008. She would have been SO excited and SO proud. My mom said, When your book comes out you should donate a copy to the library in honor of Memaw.

Yes. I will do that.

My grandmother was a voracious reader. She loved libraries and used bookstores. She had piles of beat-up paperback romances scattered all over her house. She had bad knees and diabetes complications, and she had a hard time getting around those last few years, but she’d have my uncle drive her past the construction on the new library in town. And then she’d call me and report on its progress. She was dealing with a lot of physical pain, plus the frustration of my grandfather’s Alzheimers, but she was downright thrilled about that library. How great it would be to have one right there, instead of driving the twenty minutes into Gettysburg! It seems appropriate to me that the cemetery where she’s buried is only a stone’s throw away. I rather like the idea of her peeking into the library occasionally, checking out what everyone’s reading.

In her honor, I’m participating in Jenn Hubbard’s Library-Loving Blog Challenge. For every unique commenter on this post between now and Friday at midnight, I will donate $1 to the Adams County Library System, up to $150. Last year I donated $75 and I’d love to double that this year.

All you have to do is comment. If you don’t know what to say, “I love libraries” will totally work. If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you do.  I’m guessing you’re a kindred spirit.

Please help me spread the word about this contest. If you feel inspired to join the challenge or make a donation to your own library, please join us. And for a complete list of participating bloggers, visit Jenn Hubbard’s blog.

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  1. My mother is a librarian. I grew up going to the library with her EVERY Saturday. We would bring a big canvas bag and return home with mountains of books. We had a special shelf within our bookcase devoted specifically to library books and it always held borrowed reads. I can't imagine my life without libraries, and I am so grateful they exist — both for me and for every other child itching to get their hands on a book.

    I love libraries! And I love you willingness to donate to them 🙂

  2. I'm definitely a kindred spirit, Jessica, and I think your grandmother would be very proud not only of your book deal, but your wonderful idea here. All the very best in reaching your goal!

  3. Mimi

    That's really sweet about your grandmother, and I totally agree with your mom, but make sure that you go through collection development department. (If they are anything like my system and you want the book added to the collection.) Anyway, I think that's a supercool idea. both of them! 🙂

  4. Libraries are truly important places. There are many books that would never be read if it weren't for libraries. The best part is…it doesn't matter how much money you have (or don't have), because a library card is free. Equal opportunity reading!!!

  5. Libraries hold a special place in my heart–when I was a child, it was the one place I could go for peace and quiet. I rode my bike to our local library regardless of the weather, and every time I walked in I would look at the rows of shelves and literally hear the stories whispered from the books on them. They allowed me to explore worlds I had no idea existed, real or imagined, and broadened my horizons and lifted my eyes to the endless possibilities of the universe.

  6. Jennifer Mullan

    What a sweet story about your Grandmother and such a great idea. I adore libraries. Just standing I'n them makes me happy. They feel rather holy to me. Cathedrals of books, dreams, knowledge, creativity – free with a simple library card. I went to the Frederick library on Saturday for the first time since moving and got my library card and some books. It made me so delighted!

  7. Katy Dailey

    I can't imagine a world without libraries any more than a world without flowers in spring and babies who smile when they poop. Great cause Jessie!

  8. Gayle

    The library in Biglerville is awesome! I love going there. Wish it would have been there when we were kids. It was so generous of Mrs. Harbaugh to build it.

  9. Tez Miller

    She peeked at what was happening, and REPORTED BACK to you? I have reason to believe your grandmother was a spy… 😉

  10. Just went to our library today! (it was closed though because it's always closed on Mondays, and I always forget it's closed on Mondays!)
    This is a wonderful idea, and I think donating your book to the library in your grandma's honor is so sweet. Grandmas are amazing.

  11. I was raised as a library kid – my mother was a librarian, so she instilled the importance and love of books in her sons. Nowadays I confess I rarely step into a library, which is something I really want to work on. But I'll never stop believing in their vital importance in our society.

    So here's to books!

  12. My mom helped set up the local library in my hometown. My brother and I spent a lot of time there as kids, watching as the volunteers went through donations, categorizing and numbering them, and then filling up the cheap metal shelves. It was two rooms: one for the books, a smaller one for the desk and the card catalog.

    One of the first things placed on the shelves was a complete matching set of Nancy Drew. I had never heard of her before, but my mom loved her when she was in junior high. I had a few read before the library was open to the public. (I'm pretty sure I told you this story last year, so please forgive my repetitiveness!)

  13. EJE

    My first paying summer job was at the high school library. When I went to college, I worked in the periodicals over the summer – who knew there were so many newspapers, journals, etc., let alone books!

  14. The NYC public libraries were my sanctuary growing up. I'm a big big fan of libraries and librarians. I will always give back to libraries. They helped make me who I am today.

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