I ♥ Monday: Revision Cave Edition

♥ Snickers Ice Cream Bars. They were last week’s version of cupcakes, aka my “goal: achieved” reward.

♥ Earl Grey in giant mugs. Keep it coming, please. Also Diet Coke. Or Coke Zero. But not Diet Pepsi unless it’s from a soda fountain. I…don’t know why.

♥ Twitter. When I need encouragement, my twitter-friends cheer me on. Thank you!

♥ Naps. I heart naps so hard. I am generally an awesome sleeper–prone to sleeping on buses and cars and airplanes where normal people have difficulty, and sleeping so soundly at night that The Playwright generally has to wake me at least three times to greet the morning. This week, I did lots of afternoon napping before writing into the wee hours. From about 10pm until 2 or 3 in the morning, I seem to hit a sweet spot of adrenaline-fueled, focused writing.

♥ The Playwright. Who has read each chapter as it’s finished and helped me find words and brainstormed extensively and told me when things worked and when they didn’t and how to make them better. Also fetched me tea and Snickers Ice Cream Bars and occasionally made me vegetables and also did my laundry. He’s the super-mega-best.

♥ The new ending of my book. The old ending involved a trial for witchery and manipulation and a fake engagement and I loved it but it was not so much with the sense-making. The new draft still has lots of drama, but I think it’s a quieter, more intimate sort of scary that really springs from the characters and world I’ve established. I hope. The last four chapters are mostly new words–the last two entirely so–and I’m waiting with baited breath to see what Editor Amazing has to say. Then I’m on to line edits!

What do you ♥ today? And what do you require in your Revision Cave?

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    1. I love the strawberry jam I just made…on top of a cream cheese frosted cake or just mixed in with the extra frosting. And in my cave, Salt and Vinegar chips, Live Wire Mt. Dew, and the Glee soundtrack.

  1. I like to have some sort of drink, usually a margarita, or a glass of wine, or an energy drink because I write most at night. But those are not good habits to make! I'm trying to lean toward just one glass of red wine…lets see how that goes. 😀

  2. Sarah P

    Hm. I heart whole wheat spaghetti ready when I get home, and cleaned-out gardens, and four-year-olds smelling like dirt and grass and using words they don't understand in funny ways. And a nighttime snuggle with the hubs.

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