I ♥ Monday (On Tuesday)

♥  CATCHING JORDAN by Miranda Kenneally. About a girl quarterback whose position on her team and role as one of the guys are both threatened when a hot transfer student joins her team. I’ve never thrown a football in my life, and yet Jordan is so relatable. I love that she’s such a strong leader, that when she realizes things are wrong or broken she tries to fix them instead of waiting for someone to do it for her or come to her. I love that she’s a girl who eats unapologetically and wants to have sex and that the boys are crude and hilarious and actual boys instead of the way girls want boys to be. I love that it’s laugh-out-loud funny, but she also learns things about being a girl (like: not all cheerleaders are evil!) and sharing her feelings. (Disclaimer: Miranda’s a friend but I wouldn’t rave about her book if I didn’t really really mean it.) (book releases Dec. 1)

♥ THE SISTERS OF ELLERY HOLLOW. This is The Brilliant Playwright Husband’s new play, running through Sunday as part of the Capital Fringe Festival. It’s one of my favorite things he’s written. It’s magical realism with gorgeous imagery. I seriously envy the beautiful language. And I love that it’s a two-woman show, directed and stage-managed by ladies as well. The actresses are working with some challenging material and they inhabit their various roles beautifully; I’ve seen two performances and they had the audience in the palm of their hands as they told stories about the hairy man of the mountain and how Gammy Gantry got her night-sky skin and oh, it’s just lovely. And it’s been getting great reviews! If you’re in DC, ticket info here.

♥ CABARET XXX. This show, produced by PinkySwear Productions, is the other Fringe show I’ve seen and loved. Four DC actresses sing songs ranging from “Joey” by Concrete Blonde to an updated version of “Cell Block Tango” from Chicago to my personal favorite, Florence + the Machine’s “Girl with One Eye.” And these ladies rocked it. It was such a fun show. We’re going to see it again tomorrow night even though the venue doesn’t have A/C. That’s how much I loved it. Ticket info here.


♥ I got my first pass pages! My book–it looks like a real book! It’s so pretty! See? (chapter heading and random page number, respectively) (Bonus: you can read the first line of the book!)


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