Jacket Proofs

Hi! I’m a little afraid to tempt fate by typing this, but this week has been exponentially more awesome than last week. I’ve gone to yoga twice and written 2500 words in the last three days and I’ve been reading lots. AND there was just a knock at the door (at eight, after I’ve usually given up hope of any fun packages) and

LOOK what was inside! Hardcover jacket proofs!

They’re so pretty. I wasn’t sure anything could surpass the ARC cover but they DO. (Sorry for the crappy iPhone camera quality, but trust me. THEY DO.)


It’s still soft-touch, but look, the spine title matches the front cover now; it’s embossed and gold instead of coppery! It really stands out.


The back features an excerpt from chapter two! It’s a pretty, pretty green with a PINK drop-cap.

And on the back flap, there’s an author photo. And the author is ME!




I immediately played book dress-up with the nearest book at hand, Claudia Gray’s FATEFUL.

I had to show off the spine! It’s gorgeous! The green leaves now carry over from the front, and my name is in PINK (not even my idea, but so perfect!).

It’s all getting exponentially more real. It’s turning into a real book!

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